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Meet The Team



Licensed cosmetologist since 2004

Specialties, Certifications & Love For:

Well educated in balayage and passionate about all coloring services, sassy cuts are always a good time

Favorite Drink - Biggby Iced Coffee add ALL the flavored syrups

“I started as a stylist in Fowlerville years ago, through a couple job and salon owner changes I chose to
stay near my clients and join Uptown Alure, the positivity and family like environment reminds me daily
it has been the BEST decision for me and my family”



Licensed cosmetologist since 2004

Specialties, Certifications & Love For:

Love for short sassy cuts, passionate about dimensional coloring and fashion coloring, well educated in
formal styles and blowouts


Favorite Drink - Coffee

“I love working here, we always have a good time with each other and all of our clients, often involving
everyone in on the good time… all while making people feel beautiful”



Licensed cosmetologist since 2007

Salon owner since 2014

Specialties, Certifications & Love For:

Love for all areas in the cosmetology world. Passionate for- planning, organizing, making people feel
their very best and making sure they are surrounded by happiness and comfort.


Favorite Drink - anything sweet, coffee, hot chocolate, margaritas

“I always had the idea that someday I would have my own salon…sometimes I think long and hard,
sometimes I jump in fast and take a chance. Uptown Alure has been the best, fast jump, chance I have
ever taken. Had I known I could maintain staff and a salon environment that feels like a girls’ day out all day every day I would have jumped long ago”

meg 3.JPG


Desk, assistant, stylist since 2021

Specialties, Certifications & Love For-


Highlighting, Coloring, Reverse Balayage. Certified lash artist and loving it!

Favorite drink - Lemonade

“During cosmetology school I started as an assistant here, the staff is amazing, I have learned so much
working by their side. I believe Uptown Alure is a perfect fit for me, the supportive staff, the fun,
friendly, uplifting environment is exactly where I want to be and how I wanted to start my career”

kallie web pic.jpeg


Stylist since 2015

Specialties and certifications and love for-

"Absolutely love cutting and reshaping of the hair but coloring will always hold a special place in my heart"

Favorite drink - Dr. Pepper


"I love Uptown Alure, everyone in the salon wants each other to be happy, healthy and successful. Best team and clientele support group"

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